who's gonna direct the movie?Edit

Brian DePalma will direct this installment. Originally Rockstar San Diego had interest into doing the movie, but he decided to produce Guns N Roses, after the producer left the crew six weeks before the movie's release.

Will this be the last GTA movie?Edit

No, after GTA: V's release Rockstar North and DMA Design changed their contract to create two other Grand Theft Auto movies, this being the first one.

Which the next movie will be about?Edit

Rockstar North announced that the next movie will focus on The Order, which was an organized active in the United States between 1983 and 1984. According to DMA Design:

"On the time I was a police officer I had to investigate several crimes of The Order, strongly connected to the organized crime. It will be the first GTA movie which will focus on reality, all the previous movies were fictional. I was able to get police-files which had involvement with The Order, so it's really going to be straight by real-life crime cases."

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