Directed by: Bungie.

Writers: Bungie/ Jack Vance.

Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ History.

Tagline: She Was Confined To Her Beloved Garden Where She Met The Love And The War...

Plot: Lyonesse is one of the ten kingdoms of the Edler Isles and Casmir, its ruthless and ambitious king, is at the centre of intrigue as their rulers contend for control. Casmirs beautiful but other-worldly daughter, Suldrun, is a key element in his plans: he intends to cement alliances by arranging a marriage. But Suldrun defies him. She is confined to her beloved garden, where she meets her love, and her tragedy unfolds.

Also Known As: Suldrun's Garden: The IMAX Experience.

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for strong medal warfare throughout, some sexuality and brief language.

Parents Guide: view content advisory for Suldrun's Garden.

Runtime: 116 min.

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